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Welcome to the PSINORTHAMERICA.ORG website. If you have any suggestions or requests for the site, please send them in to Webmaster. All announcements will be broadcast through this page. It is your responsibility, as an employee, to read the announcements.

For Mississippi/Tennessee Contractors Only:

On or before 31 October 2015, all contract guard staff assigned to Mississippi and Tennessee locations must provide proof of General Liability Insurance; Worker's Compensation; and their EIN/Federal Tax ID to PSI's HR Department. If you do not have these items, on 1 November 2015 - your services are no longer required.

There is a significant difference between an "employee" of a company and a "contractor" for a company. We, PSI, being a "Contract Security Company" are required by law to provide General Liability Insurance, Worker's Compensation, and submit/with-hold payroll taxes from our employees. However, as a "contractor" these functions are up to the individual - including paying your own taxes at the end of the year via the W-9.

If you wish to become an "employee" of PSI and continue working at your site, you must complete an application to include a new W-4 form. Please keep in mind, the pay-rate for an "employee" will be lower than what you are receiving as a "contractor" due to PSI providing the above mentioned items (GLI, WC, etc..).

Management comments:


With the recent shooting incident in Louisiana, and remembering the "Batman" shooting a few years ago, I want to enforce what our position as a Contract Security Company is with our client (MALCO). As an Armed Security Officer, you were trained on the how and when to use your weapon. The two main reasons to draw and fire are:

A) The protection of your life or from grave bodily harm;

B) The protection of someone else life or from grave bodily harm.

In an active shooter incident, your job is to protect others and yourself and ensure Law Enforcement is contacted and lend assistance to them upon arrival. Protecting yourself and others may include you going "to the problem" vice "running away from the problem" to the shooter, draw your weapon and fire - stopping the threat. Being in uniform and being armed automatically places you in a leadership role, people look to you for help in a situation like this. Management will also be reacting, providing direction, evacuating, etc... We all hope and pray an active shooter incident never happens to our locations, however, our roles are very important and I want each of you not to view your profession as "just standing a post" especially in today's environment.

Please click the link below to view and read


Watching Movies:

I have been told that some of you have requested to be allowed to "watch movies" at no cost, and that our Officers have approached individual theater managers in reference to these requests.

A) If you are on duty, you are not being paid to watch movies.

B) If you are not on duty, it is unprofessional to ask our client for free services.

If you are not on duty and a manager allows you to watch a movie without charging you, then that is a gift and between you and that manager. However, never view this as a "right" and never "ask" for this privilege.

Cellphone/Tablet Usage Theater Policy:


Customers can utilize their cell-phones/tablets prior to the start of the movie.

Most advertisements/commercials direct the viewer to "text" something or go to their website. Our procedures are to not allow cell-phone/tablet use during the movie.


No surfing, texting, talking in a duty status unless it's an emergency or for PSI communication 

Please note, when calling to check in or to discuss any business item, you are to call the office phone, ONLY. (901) 833-5408. Please send all time sheets to [email protected]. For any payroll questions contact Drew Throckmorton or Vicki Throckmorton, they are human resources and handle ALL payroll. does not do payroll, to contact human resources use the hr email stated above or call 901-490-7366.

It has been brought to our attention that there may be gear being carried/used that is not authorized. To ensure no confusion, you are ONLY authorized to carry items that a) PSI has record of your certification AND 2) has been approved by Mr. Throckmorton. PSI currently does not authorize the use of any type of taser, stun gun or baton. NO EXCEPTIONS.

When requesting days off or submitting other business information, DO NOT send your request via text


Please bring the following documents when applying for license

1) Social Security card

2) Valid drivers license with current address on it.




PSI Employees

Due to the increasing costs of uniforms and the problems with retrieving them at the end of employment, PSI is implementing a uniform deposit policy for all employees. This will cover the issuing of the shirt with state required company patches/logo, headwear and a winter jacket, also with required state company patches/logo. The amount of the deposit is $50. Although this doesn’t cover the full cost it does provide a choice for the employee as to whether they keep the uniform or return it for the deposit.

New winter jackets will be provided shortly and the deposit policy will be implemented at that time. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

PSI Management

Effective 11-1-16