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As a reminder to all Security Officers - the documents that you have access to on this web site are all covered under the Confidentiality Agreement that you signed prior to your being granted access to them. They are not to be shared or discussed with anyone, other than PSI employees. Once they are in your possession you are responsible for them at all times.

Standard Operating Procedures

Post Orders

Please note, if there are open positions available on any schedule, and you are able to work, please contact human resources or the supervisor or director and let them know your availability. Time off or specific schedule requests are to be in writing. Submit requests using email that has been provided. Alternative method is to send via fax using provided Time Off Request Form.

REMINDER: All sign in sheets are due in the office by 5:00 pm every Friday. This means at the end of your shift on Thursday nights (end of the work week), go to the manager closing and do a email scan of the timesheet and have them email it to [email protected], or take a picture with your phone and send it to the company phone number (901-833-5408). This is each employee's responsibility. If you fail to do this, it will mean your hours/paycheck could be affected due to insufficient information. And if problem persist multiple times you may be docked pay, so it will behoove you to send timesheets on time.

Effective 12/19/2015 via Deputy Director

If you would like to sign up for direct deposit, please email your request for direct deposit, your bank name, routing number, and account number to [email protected]

Should an employee that holds a TN Armed Guard License wish to apply for a MS Armed Guard License, in order to be able to work more posts, you can obtain the latest details and requirements on the Mississippi Department of Public Safety page. Regardless of sending your application by mail or going to Jackson, MS in person, you will need to fill out the Mississippi Security Guard Gun Permit Application. When you go in person you will need to have a drivers license with current address on it, that is where they will mail your license, and your social security card. All the notary forms will need to be notarized, and passport photos ready when you get there or they will tell you to leave and to come back when you have everything ready.